Chaîne Garden State Baillage

The Garden State Chapter of the not-for-profit Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is a dynamic group of food and wine enthusiasts, in excess of 60 members, with discerning palates who share a common interest in a passion for fine cuisine and wines based in education, camaraderie and fun around the table

Contact Information

George Staikos
Garden State Bailli

Larry Lavigne

Larry Lavigne

Larry Lavigne

Vice Chancelier-Argentier

Vice Chancelier-Argentier is, in effect the Vice President and Treasurer of the Bailliage who acts in the place and stead of the Bailli in the case of illness or absence. The Argentier is the administrator who handles the Bailliage treasury and is responsible for the Bailliage books and accounts.