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The Garden State Chapter of the not-for-profit Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is a dynamic group of food and wine enthusiasts, in excess of 60 members, with discerning palates who share a common interest in a passion for fine cuisine and wines based in education, camaraderie and fun around the table

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A Virtual Event: Cooking Class with Chef/Vice Culinaire Michael Salvatore, CEC

Garden State Chaine Cooking Class

Garden State Baillage

A Virtual Event: Cooking Class with Chef/Vice Culinaire Michael Salvatore, CEC

By Victor S. Sloan, MD, Vice Chargee de Presse

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On Friday June 26, 2020 the Garden State Baillage came “together” by Zoom for a unique opportunity. Our Vice Culinaire Michael Salvatore created a trio of recipes that would be executable in a virtual format, showcasing basic techniques and how to cook like the pros. In his invitation, Chef Salvatore reminded us that the first lesson is mise en place, or get everything ready before you start to cook. He asked us to think of a recipe as a play. The ingredients are the actors and the method is the story. The first task was for us to read the recipe. The second was to read it again – as Chef Salvatore says, “that’s when you really read it.” We organized our utensils and did our prep prior to dialing into Zoom.

On the Zoom call, Chef Salvatore had two screens going, one in the kitchen and one at the grill. We started by spatchcocking the chicken for the chicken fra diavolo. While that was marinating, we prepared the first course, bruschetta with taleggio and porcini (extra points for anyone who made Chef Salvatore’s Nana’s marinara sauce from scratch). While the chicken was grilling, we finished and ate the first course, and prepped the dessert, budino with hazelnuts. We held this in the fridge while we finished the chicken and sat down to eat our main course. This was one of the many pro tips Chef Salvatore shared; prep and hold is one of the secrets to a well-choreographed meal. Everyone picked up at least one new technique or “chef’s secret” and we then shared our experiences and wine pairings over the Zoom call.

Chef Salvatore is the founder of Bacchus Hospitality Group, Bacchus Hospitality Group, a multifaceted Food Solutions consultancy formed in 1999. Salvatore has over thirty-five years of culinary, management, and ownership experience. He has a strong hospitality background having spent eight years as Executive Chef with Hyatt Hotels. Chef has owned two fine dining restaurants affording him an owner’s fiscal responsibility. Additionally, he possesses an extensive product knowledge, procurement, and sourcing expertise after fifteen years as Dir. of Culinary Resources for Sysco. Salvatore’s largest undertaking has been the rebranding of Sysco Metro NY for the geo-segment of Manhattan

While we missed being together in the same room, the food and companionship were still fantastic, all the more so because we “worked for our supper.”